Overview of impact of 2008 election on state legislatures

Results are still not full and final. However, it appears that  Democrats will control the legislatures in 27 states going into 2009. Republicans control the legislature in 14 states and 8 states will have divided control. Nebraska’s unicameral, nonpartisan legislature rounds out the state lineup.

One of the changes was Oklahoma which when from a divided legislature (with a Republican House and a Senate that had been tied 24-24) to Republican control of both houses. Republicans also saw Tennessee move into their column after being split.

Democrats moved Delaware, Nevada, New York and Wisconsin from the divided column into the Democratic column. Democrats also moved Ohio from the Republican column into the divided column as the the Ohio house shifted from Republican to Democrat. Democrats made a gain in Alaska by moving it from the Republican to the divided column when they gained a  seat to split the Alaska Senate 10-10.

You can check out maps of returns on the website of the National Conference of State Legislatures.


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