Kay Bailey Hutchison’s apparent decision to jump into the governor’s race reminded me of a post at BurkaBlog (the Blog of Texas Monthly’s political reporter Paul Burka) this summer. There wasn’t much unusual about a bunch of Texas Republicans dressed alike for the GOP National Convention. You can see a picture on an entry on Political Junkee (a blog by KVUE’s Elise Hu). This year’s twist on Texans’ apparel is that, according to Burka, the delegation’s gear on the first night of the convention featured “Governor Perry” over one pocket with Perry’s campaign logo. Apparently, these outfits were worn by everyone in the delegation–except Kay Bailey Hutchison and David Dewhurst (Coincidentally, Perry’s #1 and #2 rival for the 2010 governors race).

Dressing alike is common but no delegation seemed to be wearing around their governor’s name (except for the Palin buttons found on many delegates for obvious reasons). It certainly reflected Perry’s strength within the Texas GOP organization and looks like a little muscle-flexing from the Perry camp.


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