Congressman Gohmert claims Perry reneged on promise to leave Governorship open for Hutchison

The Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel doesn’t do many political stories of its own and the paper seldom dives into controversy. However, today’s Sentinel has an interview with Congressman Louie Gohmert in which the Republican congressman asserts that Perry is failing to honor a 2005 deal that led Kay Baily Hutchison to agree not challenge Perry in 2006 because Perry agreed not to seek another term in 2010.

While Gohmert is a Hutchison supporter, he also has some loyalty to fellow Aggie Rick Perry. To his credit, Gohmert has a well-established reputation for being a little more honest than necessary. In the same interview heĀ  puts the “birthers” who are seen by some as a noisy party of the Republican base in the “wacko conspiracy theories” category. He also challenged the Bush administration on some of its spending and other habits (before Bush’s popularity declined and other Republicans suddenly discovered problems with Bush’s policies and abandoned their President).

According to Gohmert, KBH has wanted to return to Texas since 2004. This makes clear why she is undeterred by some disappointing poll numbers. Clearly, she is in the race based on her desire to come home more than strategic concerns about where the next political victory might be most likely.

It’s hard to make sense of this “deal.” It’s always important to remember that politics is the only big business that operates without written contracts. Politicians like Rick Perry have lots of meetings and people often hear what they want to hear and come away from meetings with different understandings. It will interesting to see if Gohmert’s claim generates more confirming or conflicting accounts from other GOP leaders.