Medical tort reform in Texas

The business page of the Fort Worth Star Telegraph had an interesting short article on health care reform and tort reform. It’s been interesting to watch Congressional Republicans and President Obama talk about tort reform for a couple of reasons:

(1) It’s not a federal issue. This is an area where state laws would need reform and there’s not much that Congress can do without getting into the role of the states. Obama and company can talk about it, but I don’t see where there’s much the federal government can do without nationalizing tort law.

(2) Texas and many other states have already tackled the issue. As the article points out there hasn’t been much of an impact on rising health care costs in Texas. It has helped attract doctors. However, it hasn’t solved the problem of health care costs.

Maybe we shouldn’t view tort reform through the lens of health care costs. Dragging the politics of health care reform into the court room isn’t going to protect the integrity of our justice system.


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