Perry’s staff and agency appointments

The Austin-American Statesman has an interesting story about how frequently Rick Perry turns to his staff when making key appointments to head important agencies. According to the story, this helps Perry establish a stronger degree of control over the state bureaucracy.

Governor Rick Perry

Governor Rick Perry

It is interesting that Perry turns to his staff so more than George W. Bush and Ann Richards. A couple of sources in the article argue that Perry could find people who were equally loyal by looking beyond his staff. This may be true. However, someone who had worked with Perry should know his philosophy/style/politics better than anyone else. It would also help create a communication network between Perry’s gubernatorial staff and executive agencies.

Unlike Perry’s highly questionable use of at least one regulatory chief as a fundraiser, there’s nothing necessarily improper about this. It is reasonable for Perry to develop communication and control across the state bureaucracy. While this influence could be abused, any form of power could be. As chief executive, Perry has every right to influence the executive branch. The over-use of staff does raise to possibility that these appointments might be personal rewards, it’s better to reward competent staffers than large donors.


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