Kay Bailey Hutchison’s vote against political science

In case you missed it… Senator Coburn (Oklahoma) proposed an amendment that would have ended  National Science Foundation funding for political science research. Senator Coburn felt that there was more than enough wisdom on cable (really–he said this):

The University of Michigan may have some interesting theories about recent elections, but Americans who have an interest in electoral politics can turn to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the print media, and a seemingly endless number of political commentators on the Internet.

Senator Coburn doesn’t realize that the “experts” on cable as well as campaign consultants who tell him what to do rely on models of voting behavior built on research like the National Election Study funded by the National Science Foundation. The Senator decided that the tiny sliver ($93 million over the last 10 years) of the NSF’s budget given to political science too big of an investment in democracy.

Texas’ own Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was one of 36 Senators supporting this amendment. You might think that someone who last year spent over $3.6 million on staff salaries alone understood the value of research. I guess she needed to claim a vote against spending after being named “porker of the month” by Citizens Against Government Waste.


One Response

  1. KBH is trying to move to the right. She rarely votes in favor of Senator Coburn’s bills. This is what political scientists call election year pandering from her.

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