Burka on Term Limits

Paul Burka has an an article on term limits for Texas governors in the latest edition of Texas Monthly. A lot of readers of BurkaBlog rant about him (but they keep on reading). Burka has been covering Texas politics for decades. I don’t always agree with him, but there’s no doubt that he knows the ropes.

Term limits is going to be an issue in the campaign and it’s an issue with a troubled past for both parties. Republicans have often been associated with term limits–usually before entering office. Like many Republicans who came to Washington during the rise of the rise of her party in the 1990s, Kay Bailey Hutchison entered the US Senate as an advocate of term limits but will not leave Washington with the same level of enthusiasm.  She’s currently endorsing term limits for Texas Governors.

I like Burka’s argument (without agreeing with it) because he links the need for term limits to the evolution of the powers of the governorship. Many term limits advocates rely on a more simplistic, knee-jerk reaction to power. The problem with the simplistic argument is that you can learn to abuse power quickly and enter office every bit as corrupt an a seasoned veteran. Burka’s analysis is much more realistic and addresses specific powers of the Texas governorship. It could be a great starting point for a class discussion or written assignment.


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