Because the parties have too much money

The political parties are constantly begging for money.  However, if you watch the parties spend money you can see that there’s plenty of evidence that they have money to burn. A good example is the current party attacks on candidates. The Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star Telegram (among others) have recently reported Republican ads attacking Bill White’s candidacy for governor–even before White announced his candidacy. Democrats have already been attacking Perry and company in their own set of ads.

Few voters are paying attention to ads this early in the year. Some of this is political leg-lifting designed to show the few insiders and bloggers paying attention that the party organizations are actually doing something to justify their existence. Should the Republicans be so worried about Bill White that they need to start attacking him four months before they select their own nominee?

These early attack ads are a waste of money and only distract voters attention away from the real issues that impact their lives. Don’t support the parties’ bad habits. Starve the beast.

When the parties call — hang up. Give your money to Habitat for Humanity, the Red CrossSalvation Army, or the charity of your choice. Your money will do more good for people and less harm to democracy.


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