Regents as Donors

Texans for Public Justice has released a new report on the giving habits of regents at the state’s institution of higher learning. Many of those on the boards of the state’s largest universities are also among the state’s biggest political donors. Leading the pack was the University of Texas where 81% of the regents gave to Perry’s campaign. Members of the the UT Board of Regents (and their spouses) have given almost $1.6 million to Perry’s campaigns with an average contribution of almost $100,000. Full results are in the report.

Contributions to Perry campaigns by university board of regents

Please note that Stephen F. Austin State University is not on this chart. I’ve enjoyed working with our Board of Regents. However, I have to say I wouldn’t mind seeing some more six-figure donors sitting around the table. However, I’d like to see those kind of big gifts flowing into SFA’s accounts to fund student scholarships (rather than going into gubernatorial campaigns that fund political ads that we’re all rather forget).

By the way, Perry has had the rare occurrence of formally acting to remove a regent. In April 2007, Perry acted to impeach the chair of the Board of Regents at Texas Southern University. The authors of the Texas Constitution doesn’t give our governor the power to unilaterally remove his own appointees.


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