A half million dollars for no energy?

True!Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson rated a True from PolitiFact Texas for his claim that he earned Texas school kids $451,932.89 on wind leases before they produced a watt of energy. I thought this rated a little attention because it’s a great example of what the Land Commissioner can do to help the state.

Patterson’s  job includes overseeing the management of state lands including mineral-right properties. This means that the General Land Office can make some serious money for the state’s Permanent School Fund by leases on public lands. Traditionally, this has involved oil and gas leases or grazing rights on the state’s public lands.

Oddly enough, this story involves water. That’s because the Texas General Land Office includes beaches  and other “submerged” lands that extend about 10 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. So, our Land Commissioner made some money for the state by selling the rights to put wind mills over water–and it turned a profit for the state even before the turbines started turning.


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