Where is our subsidy?

During my trips to see the Rangers this summer I sat in Arlington and found myself surrounded by the numerous infrastructure projects being done in preparation for next year’s Super Bowl and thinking about the Texas tax dollars being spent on the 2012  Super Bowl. The Austin-American Statesman had an article (“More public money used to attract big events to Texas“) describing the money that our state has spent on sixty or more such events in Texas.

These big events are parties hosted by the state and businesses looking for new locations will be impressed to see national or international events hosted by Texas. They have to think that any state that can bring in a Super Bowl and Formula One racing knows how to make things happen. Still, I find it hard to believe that of all things that Texans needs– sports deserve more tax dollars. Does anyone think that we don’t have enough football in Texas? Anyone worried about the salaries and profits in the NFL?

The state’s political leaders must be picturing themselves in luxury boxes hosting VIPs during the Super Bowl. Where better to sit and rail against the excesses of the federal stimulus package–all while providing money for a parts of the economy that doesn’t need stimulating.

But then…

Photo Not Available--Thanks Governor Perry!We were putting together the second edition of Lone Star Politics and wanted to use one of the Governor’s office’s cool pictures of Rick Perry signing the bill that provides those millions for movie/television/video game production to set up the opening of the last chapter. That turned out to be impossible.

Millions for the movies, video games, car racing, and the Super Bowl. No photo use for us.


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