Ending the straight ticket office

The Denton Record Chronicle has reported  Senator Jeff Wentworth (San Antonio) has filed a bill (SB-139) that would remove the option of straight ticket voting from Texas ballots. Wentworth’s argument is simple. No one party has all the answers and voters should look at the person, not the party.

If people want to vote for every Republican or Democrat on the ballot, that is their privilege as free Americans. What I want them to do is look at the name. If 35 other states can do it with no incident, I believe we can do it in Texas.

Wentworth’s bill is important in light of a recent news reports that straight-ticket voting was the highest in a decade. Results from the state’s largest counties indicate that 57.7% of Texans used the straight ticket option.

Wentworth is exactly right when that both parties nominate candidates they’re embarrassed to have running under their label. It’s odd to me that a state full of people who claim to be independent and suspicious of politicians would demonstrate so much blind faith a political institution.


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