The hits just keep on coming

The attempts to remove Joe Straus as Speaker of the Texas House keeps on bringing out the worst of Texas politics.

Harvey Kronberg of the Quorum Report has criticized a handful of conservative groups for “a fairly deceitful but noisy campaign trying to pressure lawmakers who actually like the speaker’s management style to vote against him.” Kronberg is especially troubled by attacks that call for election of a “true Christian speaker” because Straus is Jewish.

One of my favorite items is a postcard mailed out by Peter Morrison asking: “In the event _____ decides to side with Joe Straus and the Democrats, would you or someone you know consider running against ____ in the 2012 primary.” Here’s a little advice: If the invitation to run for office comes from a post card…. there may not be that much credibility behind it. It reminds me of those emails I get from alleged Nigerian widows who are looking for someone to trust with millions of dollars.

The battle has now taken a multimedia turn with videos now in the arsenal leveled at the Speaker and his allies.

Harvey Kronberg, whose reporting in this video is attacked, does point out: “While honored to be included in the Barton video, I would like to point out the photograph he uses is not me.”

Someone defending Straus has weighed in with their own video.

A lot has been said in this debate. Some of the Speaker’s opponents have done damage to their cause by playing to anti-Semitism. While this doesn’t reflect the attitudes of most of Straus’ opponents, the appeals for a “real Christian” in the Speaker’s chair is proving an embarrassment to many real Christians who don’t like the angry, divisive rhetoric being tossed around under the guise of Christian causes.

The behavior of the far right in Texas is especially interesting because they consistently attack others as “RINO politicians” (Republican In Name Only”). They see themselves at the only true Republicans and mainstream Republicans as interlopers. People new to a party are usually more hesitant to tell people who were there before that they’re not welcome.  The behavior of some of these Republicans reminds me of the anti-war Democrats who stormed the party during Vietnam. Neither had much understanding of anyone who did not agree with them completely. Both were willing to tear down or toss out anyone willing to accept anyone who shares less than total agreement. We’ll see how far the similarities go.


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