Why the government spends

A new poll of Texans reveals, even voters in a “conservative” state favor most government programs.

The new survey done for the San Antonio Express-News and other major state newspapers found 70 percent of Texas adults opposed any cuts to public education and 62 percent opposed cutting health care programs for children. Fifty-three percent backed some level of cuts in higher education.

Basically, Texans are not interested in cutting the most expensive programs. They are willing to cut higher education (I’m guessing they will still want to keep college tuition low).

On the other hand, Texans were somewhat willing to support slot machines or an increase on the tax on tobacco. Neither of these will generate significant revenue.

You can imagine the dilemma for our elected representatives when the Legislature convenes on Tuesday. There is a budget shortfall of over $20  billion and voters show no interest in making cuts or raising revenue.

We have met the enemy and he is us.Maybe it is time that Texans accepted the responsibility for spending that the government does. Those programs are here because they’re popular. It’s easy to complain about taxes. It’s much harder to identify spending cuts that Texans are willing to support. Again, we have met the enemy and he is us.


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