Transportation troubles

Transportation troublesA San Antonio Express News story reflects how Texans are only now being told that the state is facing the transportation funding crisis. Of course, there are people who are saying, “What crisis?” However, you can’t brag about Texas’ growth and then turn around and pretend that adding all those new Texans does not bring some costs related to transportation. Those people did not come to Texas to sit at home all the time. The Texas Department of Transportation needs to build new roads for new Texans and new businesses.

The funding is complicated. With our vehicles getting more miles to the gallon that tax we put on each gallon of gas gives us less money to pay for the same number of cars and miles driven. At the same time, Texans are sick of toll roads.

It was much more fun during the campaign to talk about expanding education, tossing money at high-tech firms, and endeavors more glamorous than roads.

Now, governing requires that we tend to our infrastructure needs. The question is: who will step up and lead?


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