A comic look at the politics of the state lottery

Today’s Pearls Before Swine comments pretty effectively on the politics of state lotteries (click on the small image if it’s too hard to read). Rationally, the value of buying a ticket just does not add up.

Goat and rat discuss the lottery as a tax on people who can't do math

Stephan Pastis (creator of Pearls Before Swine and a pretty funny blogger) was a political science major before going to law school. So, he knows the score.

One fundamental issue in government is if we should stop people from doing something foolish. Our governments spends a lot of money trying to prohibit vices like illegal drugs and prostitution.

Another fundamental issue is if the state should be profiting from people doing something foolish. Our government makes a lot of money from taxing vices like gambling, tobacco, and alcohol.

Or, maybe Texas government is not the best judge of foolishness.


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