Ron Paul’s run

Ron Paul and "Libertarian Pride"Ron Paul has joined the 2012 race for president. His chances of winning the presidency are roughly the same as those of Newt Gingrich. As Michael Gerson points out in a recent column, Paul’s libertarian brand of conservatism is not going to go over well with most of the Republican base.

The libertarians’ problem with the GOP base is simple: Libertarians want to allow people be naughty and make their own mistakes. Social conservative want to outlaw naughtiness and keep citizens as far from tempting mistakes as possible.


One Response

  1. Remember the ’07 – ’08 campaign …
    Remember what they did, remember who did it.

    nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan
    This time an entire citizen army of every stripe stands beside Dr Ron.

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