The Battleship Texas

The Battleship Texas about 1910-1915The Library of Congress recently posted a couple of photos of the Texas from its earliest years when it was one of the most powerful warships on the planet.

The Battleship Texas is a historical artifact in Texas that really does not have much to do with Texas history specifically. Interestedly enough, it is now on exhibit at the San Jacinto Battlefield, site of a battle that is central the state’s history.

Still, touring the battleship is an educational experience. You quickly understand that serving aboard a battleship was neither fun nor glamorous and you get a better feel for the sacrifice Texans (and others) made as the served in the US Navy is a humbling experience. We talk about service and sacrifice in the abstract all the time but we often forget what that really means.

The Battleship TexasThe Texas still needs our help and you can contribute to the preservation of the ship through the Battleship Texas Foundation.

Check out the Library’s of Congress’s photostream on Flickr. They have an amazing variety of photos available in high quality (perfect for Powerpoint presentations).


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