News you should use

Cover of Niche NewsUniversity of Texas professor Talia Stroud has a new book out (Niche News: The Politics of News Choice) talking about how people use the news. I’m looking forward reading it because citizens’ media use has become an important factor in national politics. Stroud’s argument is that citizens’ selection of new sources often results in people choosing sources to confirm what they already believe. Stroud is not the first scholar to observe this. However, it is a topic that is especially important given the tremendous number of media sources available and the increasingly partisan nature of some of them.

So, where should you turn every day for news? Thanks to our friends at the Internet we have lots of choices. I start my days at the kitchen table checking my favorite news sources to see what’s up in the world. I check national sources pretty closely because I teach both national and Texas politics.


National news

  • The Hill – The Hill focuses on Congress and it’s a great source if you want to see what  is going on inside Congress.
  • Roll Call – Roll Call employs one of my favorite analysts, Stuart Rothenberg.
  • National Journal – One of the best places to find in-depth stories on policy and the politics behind them. George E. Condon Jr. does a great job of covering the presidency for them.
  • Washington Post – Good all-around coverage of politics.
  • New York Times – Good coverage of national and international politics.
  • RealClearPolitics – RCP’s Washington editor, Carl Cannon, has the best sense of history and politics of anyone writing today.

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