Rick Perry’s retirement

It turns out Rick Perry is retired. The Texas Tribune has the best coverage (“Perry “Retires” to Boost Pension Pay“) including copies of Perry’s financial disclosure form so that you can look at it yourself. It turns out that Perry is claiming over $92,000 in “retirement” benefits every year. The Tribune also has coverage of some of the questions that have been raised about his eligibility (“Critics Question Perry’s Move To Collect Pension“).

My guess is that this finishes off Perry’s campaign. Perry’s claim to these generous benefits undermines his conservative message just as some Republicans were considering giving him another look. A candidate only gets a few chances to win over voters and it will be hard to make a small government pitch while living off a big government pension.


We’re also playing Lt. Governor David Dewhurst about $410 every day that he serves as acting governor while Perry is out of the state. So far we’ve paid $32,000 for someone to replace a retired governor who is out looking for another job.


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