Why Perry fizzled

Even if you missed the entire 2012 campaign so far, you can see why Rick Perry’s campaign failed by checking today’s Texas Tribune.

One story (“Perry Sues Over Virginia Ballot Access“) describes how the Perry campaign failed to get the signatures required to get on the ballot in Virginia and then filed suit in federal court. Apparently, the campaign was fed up with the state’s requirement to get 400 signatures from each of the 11 congressional districts and turned to the federal courts for help. This is not the best idea a states-rights candidate ever had.

A second story (“Perry Shifts His Stance on Abortion“) describes the Governor’s declaration that his opposition to abortion extends to rape and incest. Perry’s conversion may be sincere but I think voters will worry about any new position announced so close to the Iowa caucuses. You can only have so many changes of heart before your attacks on Romney as a flip-flopper generate more giggles than applause.

The Perry campaign seems to wake up in a new world everyday and has failed to project a consistent image of the candidate. Voters in Iowa might decide they like Rick Perry –if they could figure out who is really is.


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