Did a Perry donor defect or did Perry lose a defective donor?

The Hill is reporting that one of Perry’s top donor will defects over attacks on Romney’s actions as head of Bain Capital. Perry’s criticism was that Romney should not claim credit for “creating” thousand of jobs when he also fired thousand of people as he took apart companies for a profit.

Perry’s criticism has been read as an “attack of capitalism.” It raises the question of what capitalism actually. Perry’s now former supporter (Barry Wynn) felt wounded by Perry criticism. However, Perry’s criticism could be legitimate. Is anything done by a capitalist really capitalism?

It seems absolutely clear that Rick Perry is pro-business. How could his alleged crimes against capitalism be so heinous that a reasonable conservative would walk away based on one criticism that Perry raised? Was this a legitimate defection or the whimpering of an overly sensitive corporate raider who did not like being called out?


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