Perry keeping door open to another run for governor

The Austin American Statesman is reporting that Rick Perry is keeping door open to another run for governor. That’s actually smart politics. As I’ve pointed out before, Perry does not want to go into lame duck status any sooner than he has to. Perry has to lead the Texas Legislature through the next session and effective leadership will be much more difficult if he has announced his departure from Texas politics.

Rick Perry might have a tough time getting reelected and new Texas Tribune poll shows that 39% of respondents said they were unlikely to vote for Rick Perry in 2014 while 51% said they were unlikely to vote for Perry (with 42% of respondents saying they were very unlikely).

51% of Texans say they are unlikely to vote for Rick Perry in 2014.The poll also found that 45% of respondents disapprove (15% somewhat and 30% strongly) of the job Perry has done as governor and 49% have an unfavorable view (14% somewhat and 35% strongly) of him.

The most surprising result from the questions on Perry was that 55% of respondents believed that Perry’s candidacy had hurt the state’s image and only 6% said he had helped our image. I’m surprised that so many Texans think that one person could do much to the state’s image in a few months time and that some Texans would vote for him even when they thought he had done our image harm.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how hard the road ahead is for Perry. Announcing his departure from Texas politics will only insure that his leadership will be undermined and he needs to appear interested if he wants to remain effective.


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