The first casualty is the truth.. or the facts

The Austin-American Statesman is reporting (“Easy guide to education stats chopped by budget ax“) that the Texas Education Agency has decided to stop producing it annual summary of state-wide education facts. This summary (The “Pocket Edition“) brought together the kind of data was useful for our textbook and anyone else trying to make sense of trends in public education in Texas.

I appreciate the need to save money and I know that the 30% staffing cut necessitated by last year’s budget cuts made painful cuts necessary. However, this kind of data is essential to citizens’ ability to hold their government accountable. Further, I suspect that the TEA is pulling together much of this data anyway and producing the Guide is pretty cheap now that the it is distributed in digital form.

Texas Education Agency

Texans should not be told that the government can not afford to be open and honest. The Internet has made transparency very inexpensive and history has shown that it’s a great investment.


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