The Most Religious. States

The 10 most religious statesAccording to Gallup, Texas finishes just out of the top-ten most religious U.S. states (“Mississippi Is Most Religious U.S. State“). About 47% of Texans describe themselves as “very religious.”

The data is pretty interesting. However, I have some doubts about how consistent these measures are across states. Exactly what rates as “very religious” would seem to vary from community to community and people are likely to define themselves in terms of the people they see around them. Also, “social desirability bias” results whenever people feel that some answers will be viewed more positively than others.

The Gallup story comes with an interactive map where you can see a little more closely how each state’s citizens respond.

Map of % very religious by state

It’s clear that Texas and the rest of the deep South share a tendency to attendĀ religious services and declare religion as important. You can use the interactive features to see how significant these differences are.


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