Higher education data

The Texas Tribune has updated  their interactive feature that compares graduation rates a Texas’ public universities. You can use the feature to generate charts that compare graduation rates of most of the state’s public universities. I looked at six-year graduation rates to reflect some of the differences between a few of the state’s schools because school has become so expensive that many students can not afford to attend school full-time.

Six Year Graduation Rates

You can also compare how much each school spends per student. Notice that all of the state’s current Southland Conference schools (it seemed as good as any pool for comparison) cluster together between $13,000 and $16,000 per student while UT and A&M cost much more.

Operating Expense Per Full  Time student

Note that spending at these schools has not risen nearly as much as tuition and fees (below). Of course, some elected officials have tried to pin the rising cost on the schools when shrinking state support is a major contribution to the problem.

Average Tuition and Fees

You can customize the charts using the Tribune’s interactive feature and make up your own mind. I was lucky enough to attend college when the state did much more to support the education of young Texans and it seems clear to me that students today will not enjoy the same level of support from the state.


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