Standing firm for smoke and mirrors

Several groups have stepped up to say that they will insist that school funding be tied to “accountability standards” (“Business Leaders Draw a Line on Education Funding“).

This seems like a way to conceal cutting education. By insisting on adherence to foolish policies these special interest groups are playing a variation of the “poison pill” strategy. A poison pill is a strategy used by companies to discourage hostile takeovers by building in something that makes the company less attractive to the potential buyer. So, these special interest groups will only support fully funding the system if local school districts accept testing that most consider counter productive.

Why do these political interests cling to the idea of high stakes testing? One reason is that people will believe anything that supports them paying less for education. Another side of this is basic power politics. These wealthy groups want to feel that they are in control and the locally elected school boards have defied them. Either way, it’s a game that no one will win.


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