The Costs of Inadequate Roads

TrafficThe Texas Tribune has a quick story (“Study: Inadequate Roads Cost Texans Billions“) that discusses the results of a study of the transportation problem in Texas. The study concludes:

An inadequate transportation system costs Texas residents a total of $23.2 billion every year in the form of traffic crashes, additional vehicle operating costs (VOC) and congestion-related delays. 

That means that the shortcoming of Texas highway system costs each Texan about $900 a year. The cost is even higher  when we focus just on drivers–especially those in major urban areas where the costs those created by congestion and safety problems. For example, combining all costs, the total impact on drivers in Austin ($1,234), DFW ($1,543), Houston ($1,891), and San Antonio ($1,426) are much higher.

During the next legislative session legislators will be asked to consider raising the gasoline tax to pay to improve Texas roads. In this case, not raising taxes could prove to be very expensive for Texans.