Where new Texans come from, where old Texans go

Governing magazine has a story (“See Where Residents in Your State Are Moving To, From“) with an interactive graphic that shows how people move from state to state.

Texas saw about 515,000 new residents in 2011 while about 405,000 moved out of the state. The biggest number of new arrivals was from California. California was also the biggest destination for departing Texans. Of course, California has the biggest population so it shouldn’t be any surprise that they’re number one in both categories.


More surprising is the large number of Texans leaving for Oklahoma. We saw about 31,595 Texans leave for Oklahoma while only 19,126 Oklahomans moved to Texas. Texas isn’t a net loser to that many states and the defection to Oklahoma is hard to explain.  You can check out other states using their interactive database.