Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson has become my favorite political cartoonist . He has a fun visual style and does a pretty good job of irritating both sides.

A recent cartoon did a great job of capturing the dilemma of health care costs. As a few Texans have noticed, many people are already getting “free” health care by showing up at hospital emergency rooms even though they can not afford to pay the bills. This leaves local governments and private hospitals to pass these costs along to the other patients at the hospital or taxpayers in general. The next time you’re looking at a big bill ask the hospital why it’s so high. They’ll tell you that part of what you’re paying is to cover the expenses for those who checked out without paying.


Anderson really irritated some people with a recent cartoon on Obama’s proposal to change the way cost of living increases are calculated for future Social Security recipients.


Anderson’s cartoon depiction of the hysterical overreaction of some was quickly mirrored by angry overreaction from readers. Life imitated art as one ready told him: “Obama has proposed, endorsed, pushed a budget that DELIBERATELY is designed to kill off senior citizens.” I suspect that Anderson thought his cartoon might make some people think about the overly dramatic rhetoric floating around the issue. Some readers just weren’t that interested in thinking about the subject.


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