Sources on Six Flags Over Texas

This blog has been primarily about Texas politics. Of course, you can’t (Well, I can’t)  talk about the history of the state without talking about the theme park based on that history.

Six Flags posts generates a lot of traffic and I appreciate the interest. However, as much as I’d like to be the state’s leading expert on Six Flags Over Texas, I have to admit that there are better (much better) sources.

One great source is  The Six Flags Museum. Clint Skinner has put together a wealth of information on the park (including a link to a digital copy  of his book on Six Flags). The Guide to Six Flags over Texas provides a mix of information about the past and present of the park as well as a little speculation about the future. There’s also The History of Six Flags Over Texas Facebook page.  The University of Texas at Arlington has posted nice photos from their exhibit from last summer (“What You Wish the World Could Be: The Early Years of Six Flags Over Texas“) on Flickr.

Of course, there’s the official web site for Six Flags Over Texas.


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